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I have a 10 week runt that I am fostering, and she isn't growing or gaining weight.Help?

She is very active and healthy. No worms or other health issues. She eats dry kitten kibble, canned food, and chicken or salmon for dinner. The Humane…

ASKED BY Member 1247743 on 6/7/15
TAGGED runt, food, growth IN Food & Nutrition

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My 19 yr old male has developed a large protrusion on his left side- he doesn't go to the vet- what should I do?

Pierre is very shy and after all shots and neutering has lived a happy, healthy, indoor life. 2 weeks ago this protrusion started. He's still eating…

ASKED BY Member 1230573 on 7/29/14
TAGGED seniorcat, growth IN Senior Pet


2 kittens, different sizes?

I have 2 littermate kittens, Kisa and Kenichi, and Kenny grew like a weed until he's at least twice his sister's size. Normal? At 6 months, he's the…

ASKED BY Kenichi on 11/23/12
TAGGED kittens, size, growth IN Kittens

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My kitten stopped growing?

My cat is named Kovu. He is a 2 year old tuxedo cat. He is not fixed. He stopped growing when he reached about 5 pounds. He eats just as much as his…

ASKED BY Member 1119196 on 7/5/12
TAGGED growth IN Health & Wellness

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My cat has dots on her toes, on the "thumb" also dots like growths, and a rather large growth on some of her hind toes t?

my cat has dots on her toes, on the "thumb" also dots like growths, and a rather large growth on some of her hind toes this reminds me of fungus…

ASKED BY Member 1040746 on 7/13/11
TAGGED illness, disease, cat, kitty, fungus, toe, foot, leg, dots, growth, foreigngrowth, help, howto, cure, ointment IN Illness & Disease


How big will my kitten grow?

How big will Saffy be when she's an adult cat? I really want her to stay light-weight, small and cute. I'm not sure how big she's going to…

ASKED BY Saffy on 4/1/11
TAGGED kittens, growth IN Other Kittens

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Whats this mole like growth on my kitty?

My cat has a strange looking growth on one of his front toes. It looks like a mole. I raised him from a newborn and noticed it when I found him, it…

ASKED BY Member 881576 on 11/27/10
TAGGED mole, growth, skintag, toes, paw IN Skin Problems

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