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Why is my cat so tempermental?

My baby girl Lilly has always been a bit tempermental but overall she is a very good cat. But she really likes trying to slip past you when you open…

ASKED BY Member 1249668 on 7/24/15
TAGGED outdoorbehaviour, tempermental, bratty, attitude, jumping, hissing, growling IN Aggression

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Cat gets defensive when I try to walk past?

Yoo, so I've had my lil cat Monty for about 10 years. She's not the... 'friendliest' cat out there and can be a bit sensitive but we love her…

ASKED BY Member 1242825 on 2/23/15
TAGGED paranoid, defensive, aggressive, sensitive, growling, hissing IN Aggression

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Old cat, new kitten? (Both spayed and neutered)?

My family has had an orange tabby female for five years, ever since she was a kitten. She has been acting stressed and lashing out recently, so we…

ASKED BY Member 1231312 on 8/7/14
TAGGED kitten, cat, growling, hissing, defensive, spayed, neutered, lashingout IN Behavior & Training

Itty Bitty Kitty

Overly Aggressive Male Kitten?

I rescued him at 5-weeks old last October. He's great with our other 2 cats and our dog but not us. He attacks us for no reason...and it's not playful…

ASKED BY Itty Bitty Kitty on 3/29/14
TAGGED biting, growling, feral, kitten IN Aggression

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Moved house, female cat already there, I bought my 2 cats. All neutered, my female is being aggressive to her brother?

1. All neutered 2. Savannah is kept separate from tabitha and roco 3 tabitha and roco have been always close both now 1.5 years old 4. Since the…

ASKED BY Member 632411 on 10/26/13
TAGGED help, advice, aggressive, movedhouse, growling, hissing, related IN Aggression


My cat is terrified of new people. She won't hide when people come over unless they try to touch her. If they do she wil?

She is 2 years old and her entire life in my house she has been closed in the laundry room every night to keep her from waking us up. I think that…

ASKED BY Boo on 5/16/13
TAGGED afraidhissinggrowlingnewpeople IN Behavior & Training

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My cay is 9yrs has started attacking growling and hissing at friends and is petrified of children, she will wee asscared?

ive seen a vet and have purchased pet remedy plug ins hoping this will help and she becomes just like a ferel cat the vet gave her full bill of health…

ASKED BY Member 1157080 on 2/26/13
TAGGED catferelattackinggrowlinghissingkidsadults IN Behavior & Training

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Are my cats playing or fighting?

I have had one 3year old female rescue cat (RIA) for a while now and have recently introduced a same aged male rescue cat (Percy)... at first ria…

ASKED BY Member 1156872 on 2/25/13
TAGGED rescuecats, chasing, playing, talking, batting, growling IN Socialization

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