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Good dry cat food in India?

I have been reading that dry food is very bad for cats, the problem is I am a pure vegetarian and I can't keep the canned food in my referigerator not…

ASKED BY Leo on 1/25/15
TAGGED gooddryfood IN Food & Nutrition

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Looking for a good home for sweet cat (Angel)?

Healthy three year old male cat needs a forever home. He is sweet and loving. He is neutered and his vaccinations are current. He enjoys being both…

ASKED BY Member 866507 on 2/26/13
TAGGED lookingforagoodhomeforasweetcat IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Is a ragdoll good for me?

No one is in the house for 9h in the day. Im desperate for a cuddily, fluffy cat but my worry is if Ragdolls can be trusted in the house by itself…

ASKED BY Member 1148640 on 1/7/13
TAGGED independent, cuddly, fluffy, cute, lap, kitten, house, desperate, worry, ragdoll, ragdolls, trust, trusted, in, the, itself, im, worried, it, will, scratch, down, about, getting, but, is, this, good, for, me IN Ragdoll

Black Thorne

A strong cat collar that will not get shredded?

My cat Thorne has shreded a few collars, and i'm not sure if i should go for leather or something.

ASKED BY Black Thorne on 5/19/11
TAGGED catcollarnewgoodshreddedstrong IN Pet Products

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My sweet cat has suddenly turned vicious. She gets in at least 10 huge fights a day w/ other cats. Why would she change?

Mitzi is a 5 year old unspayed female, and she is extremely sweet and loving, she's a snuggler and will always come to you if you make a sound that…

ASKED BY Member 835764 on 5/13/09
TAGGED scratch, bite, good, cat, turned, bad, aggressive IN Aggression


My kitten has diarrhea is there any way to get rid of it naturally?

I don't want to deworm him. How can I get rid of it naturally??? Only answer if you have good ideas please. Don't just say oh you have to deworm…

ASKED BY sinclair on 3/9/09
TAGGED dont, want, to, deworm, him, how, can, i, get, rid, of, it, naturally, only, answerifyouhavegoodideaspleasedontjustsayohyouhavetodewormhimthanks IN Kittens


One of my five cats is having problems with her new food...New hairball problem…

I've got 5 cats, and buying food for them at my local Wal-Mart is getting pretty expensive, as they're finicky little buggers. None of them tolerate…

ASKED BY Wilbur on 7/25/08
TAGGED hairball, goodlife, purina IN Other Food & Nutrition

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