Super Teddy

Does anyone have any recommendations of where to buy cat diapers?

My 10yr old male cat has decided to take up spraying and not using the litter box. So I am now going to buy cat diapers. This company is about the…

ASKED BY Super Teddy on 10/13/13
TAGGED diapers, spraying, notusinglitterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Litter odor?

I volunteer at a 200 cat cat shelter without much money. We are trying to find ways to reduce costs/stretch our money. A big expense is Baking…

ASKED BY Member 1136282 on 10/17/12
TAGGED costs, managinglitterodor, catsafety, stretchingshelterdollars IN Shelters & Rescue

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My Cat Has a Bad Habit of Kicking Litter Out of The Box?

Alex has a really bad habit of kicking litter out of his box. Would a covered litter box stop it from flying everywhere?

ASKED BY Member 1030726 on 5/14/11
TAGGED kickinglitteroutoflitterbox, coveredlitterbox IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why does my cat keep scratching the floor once he's finished using the litter box? kimberly V?

Leonidas is my second cat and he's a love, but I can't stop him from scratching the floor once he's finished with the litter box. My other boy…

ASKED BY Member 640907 on 7/14/09
TAGGED scratchingthefloorafterusinglitterbox IN Behavior & Training


Dear Catsters, Yesterday night at 1:00 AM (actually today early morning :)) my cat Tabby started hopping and scooting?

Well, I woke up from not so deep sleep and found that she does it when some material is still stuck to her bottom.So I checked her hind and found some…

ASKED BY Tabby on 10/1/08
TAGGED scootingafterusinglitterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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