How can I gift all friends at once?

I want to send a gift to all Peekaboo's friends, but not one at a time. Can I choose a gift and make the recipients more than one cat?

ASKED BY Peekaboo on 5/10/15
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I’m trying to find out why my older cat has started leaving us little gifts on the couch in the past 6 to 8 months. With?

I’ve had my 2 cats 10+ years, one male, one female, and one dog. The litter and box are the same and the routine of the house has remained the same…

ASKED BY Member 1183014 on 7/30/13
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Why does my cat bring us random objects (like packs of tissues & a shoehorn) while meowing loudly then take them back?

My 9 year old black Burmese likes to bring us random things from around the house. If she can carry it in her mouth, it's fare game. She likes to…

ASKED BY Member 1153817 on 2/5/13
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What would be the purrfect cheap xmas gift for a kitten and 2 older cats?

can you please help me find a cheap way to get xmas gifts for my cats

ASKED BY snowball on 11/21/11
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Can Catster use some of the money they receive for zealies to donate to animal shelters?

If Catster would send a percentage of money received for zealies to the animal shelter of their choice It would help my conscience, and I think it…

ASKED BY Bellsnickles on 2/7/09
TAGGED gifts, donations, zealies IN Zealies & Gifts

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