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Trying to get two cats male and female to get along! Should I get a kitten to bring them all together?

Male cat was here first, just lost his cat companion, really lonely, looks for this new cat meowing and following her. Female cat is new to the home…

ASKED BY Member 1199953 on 11/17/13
TAGGED kitten, gettingalong, twocats, fighting IN Socialization

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Have a question for you. We have two cats, 3 and 4 years old. They are 1 year apart in age and both females?

They are both spayed as soon as they were able to be, (8 - 10 weeks) whatever it was. They have been together ever since and usually cuddle up…

ASKED BY Member 1117229 on 6/23/12
TAGGED fight, notgettingalong, altercation IN Aggression

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My female cat was just spayed. Now our male cat is rejecting her. What do we do?

ASKED BY Member 1023454 on 2/15/11
TAGGED rejection, notgettingalong IN Behavior & Training

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What do I do if my cats eat each other's food?

My cat is a slow eater. My sister's cat gulps her food down. If she eats to much she throws up. If my cat has food out but my sister's cat didn't…

ASKED BY Member 990451 on 11/30/10
TAGGED food, cats, gettingalong, cats, questions, eat, steal IN Socialization


Flip Flop Personality - (Happy then grumpy)?

I found my Pickles back in March (he was a drop off) neutered male part Nebulong/mix kitty and small(Now 16 lbs) when I found him and at the time I…

ASKED BY Pickles on 10/26/10
TAGGED gettingalong IN Behavior & Training

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We have a 4yr old cat and just adopted a kitten. female cat doesnt like the new one. what do we do so the cat will adjust?

live in apartment. limited space. she always hisses when we try to get her to kno the new one and the scents. we always have to keep them seperated…

ASKED BY Member 998125 on 7/24/10
TAGGED female, male, cats, gettingalong IN Behavior & Training

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