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What sex kitten/young cat to add to a household with ten year-old male who recently lost brother?

I have a ten year-old male, indoor-only, domestic medium-hair I adopted along with his brother when they were just a month old. About five months ago…

ASKED BY Member 1239612 on 12/26/14
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What I thought was my female cat has a penis but NO balls?

I got my kitten from my friend's cat's litter when she was almost 2 months old, so I know she hasn't been spayed or neutered or anything! She also…

ASKED BY Member 1182904 on 7/29/13
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Gender of my kitten?

Hi there! I simply want to know if my kitten is a male or female. I don't have any other kittens to compare my kitten to since I only have one…

ASKED BY Member 1170924 on 5/18/13
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I have aprox 8 months old cat i want to know is it male cat or female cat here is the image of it?

image of cat

ASKED BY Member 1157670 on 3/2/13
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Thinking about adopting a third cat because the local shelters are very overcrowded and have been sending out pleas.…

for good homes. I have two almost 2 yr old littermate cats (boy/girl) and they totally LOVE each other. I will talk to the shelter staff before making…

ASKED BY Coriander on 7/18/10
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Is my kitten any breed? and can cats have both parts?

My 3 month old kitten weighs 11 pounds and its not fat she is big boned and her paws are still huge. she is bigger than both my other older cats and…

ASKED BY Lil' Miss Samantha on 1/30/09
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Is my cat male or female? How can i tell?

I thought my six month old cat was a female but it some what looks as if she has male parts. How would I know what the sex is.

ASKED BY Member 691758 on 8/10/08
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