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Female cat started peeing on my bed after spay and a year later still does it?

I took my 2 female Bengal kittens in for spaying at 5 months old. I assumed they would be sent home with pain meds but I was wrong. After a day one of…

ASKED BY Member 868430 on 11/10/13
TAGGED catpeeingonbed, catpeeingasaggression, catpeeinginappropriatelyafterspay IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Katt is acting fine but hasn't passed string, we're at 66 hours in?

On Thursday night Katt ate just under 18" of hemp twine, it could have just been in pieces, there were some strands littered about - but I didn't…

ASKED BY Member 1188088 on 9/1/13
TAGGED cat, string, intestines, stool, gastrointestinal, obstruction, linear, blockage, kitty, ate IN Health & Wellness

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My 2yr old cat, feces has began to really STINK & shes been having bad gas…

I've changed her food a couple times to c if it'd help, but it hasn't... If I had extra $ shed be at the vet an I wouldn't be askin on here lol pls…

ASKED BY Member 1149200 on 1/9/13
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Cat had gas that was blocking his intestines 3 days of meds now ok but do I keep this from happening again?

Stinky is a 10 year old male who has never been to the vet other then for his yearly checkup and shots so when he started vomiting every hour or so…

ASKED BY Member 1147384 on 12/30/12
TAGGED gas, specialdiet, health IN Health & Wellness

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14 month old well cared for indoor male(n). No noticeable health problems, clear vet check--Bright eyed and bushie tailed, very active. fed with a…

ASKED BY Member 1084875 on 1/16/12
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My cat is 5 months old from two months she is suffering from gas problem i gave her gelusil 1/4th tablet but no change?

She is normal.Her stomach is bloat. If we touch her stomach she feels pain. Please give me such suggestions about that problem.

ASKED BY Member 1044667 on 8/9/11
TAGGED gasproblem, cat, treatment IN Other Health & Wellness

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