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What OTC flea product would be best for my 11 week old 3.5 lb Oriental kitten?

I have an 11 week old 3.5lb Oriental/Norwegian Forest Cat kitten and was wondering what the best flea prevention would be for him. I know that…

ASKED BY Member 1187406 on 8/27/13
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I put Hartz plus on my cat about two weeks to over two weeks ago and it didn't seem to help too much. I want to put fron?

I have been cleaning the house non-stop and brushing her multiple times a day with a flea brush. Also I have been spraying her coat with a half water…

ASKED BY Member 1179009 on 7/7/13
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Is anyone having trouble with Frontline or Advantage Flea treatment not killing fleas?

Neither Frontline or Advantage is working to kill all the fleas on my cats. I have a population of 18 that I treat and the cats with flea allergy…

ASKED BY Member 725142 on 11/20/12
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Applied Frontline to Flea on the first of month. Found an engorged tick last night on his upper lip, in the corner of m?

Flea is a long haired cat and Frontline was applied according to directions. Kitty is allowed outside, supervised and in fenced in yard. He gets a…

ASKED BY Flea on 5/18/12
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Using Spot Flea Treatments and kitty mohawk?

I've been using them, and they only seem to be partially working (Frontline). When I put the drops on, I do part the fur, and manage to see some skin…

ASKED BY Namerovsky on 6/25/09
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