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Blue Wilderness VS. Wellness cat food (both grain-free)?

I recently switched my 9 month old kitten from Natural Choice to Blue Wilderness kitten food, she eats both wet and dry, because I wanted her on a…

ASKED BY Member 1240691 on 1/13/15
TAGGED food, diarrhea, russianblue, kitten, grainfree, bluewilderness, wellness IN Food & Nutrition


A grain-free wet food Zeus will love?

Hello Catsters! Zeus is 8 years old and new to fussiness. We switched him to a grain-free diet a year ago when we switched ourselves (his health…

ASKED BY Zeus on 3/30/14
TAGGED grainfree, grainfree, wetfood, refusingfood IN Pet Food

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Does my cat count as a grazer? And if so, how should I change how I feed him?

I've read that grazing leads to cats overeating, but I'm not sure this qualifies. He's supposed to have 3/4 cup of dry food ever day, which I have…

ASKED BY Member 1155644 on 2/17/13
TAGGED food, feeding, grazing, freefeeding IN Food & Nutrition


Does anyone know where I can get a free pet ID tag for Belle?

I'm looking for just a standard tag with her name and address and maybe my number on it. I've seen several offers but they are either not doing the…

ASKED BY Belle on 12/23/12
TAGGED idtags, freeidtags IN Pet Products

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How much grain free canned food should I feed my two overweight cats?

I have two cats that I have recently switched to an all wet diet. We have found a grain free brand that they love, BFF by weruva, however I am not…

ASKED BY Member 1142154 on 11/25/12
TAGGED grainfree, overweightcat, cannedfood, wetfood, feedingguidelines IN Pet Food


Who in NY, Pennyslvania, or NJ wants one of 5 domestic/feral kittens?

My cat Panther had kittens around 5 months ago and I do not know anyone who will take kittens this old. So anyone who wants five month old…

ASKED BY Panther on 9/4/12
TAGGED kittens, free IN Other Kittens


Is what the vet recommend always good?

My mami was doing a lot of research on food (dry & wet) in order to know what to give us for our best. She told me that there are a lot of people…

ASKED BY HutChi on 5/17/12
TAGGED vetexclusive, dryfood, grainfree, gluten, byproduct IN Pet Food

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I have a cat, could you please send me a free sample for your food? For example, Royal Canin or Purina. My cat 7 years?

Hello, my name is Oksana, I have a cat, could you please send me a free sample for your food? For example, Royal Canin, or Purina. Since I have no…

ASKED BY Member 1045708 on 8/14/11
TAGGED freefood IN Pet Food

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