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How to keep a cat who is on cage-rest happy?

My cat is on three weeks of cage-rest restrictions for a broken pelvis. Saw the vet 4 days ago, will follow up with the vet in 1 1/2 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1046708 on 8/18/11
TAGGED cagerest, depression, fracture, cage, rest, recovery, recuperation IN Health & Wellness


Cat has a fractured canine tooth and the vet wants to extract it?

Just recently within the past week, week and a half my cat fractured her upper canine its small and almost in a crescent moon shape we took her to the…

ASKED BY Haleigh on 11/13/09
TAGGED tooth, fracture, rootcanal, extraction IN Dental Care

Grommash Hellscream

My kitten has a greenstick fracture. In your experience, how much has this cost you?

I recently had to take my 4 month old Bengal kitten to the emergency vet after he slipped while walking along a ledge by the stairs and fell about 9…

ASKED BY Grommash Hellscream on 1/27/09
TAGGED greenstickfracture, greenstick, fracture, pricing, emergencyvet IN Emergencies & First Aid