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6 month old snuffly and sneezy, otherwise delightfully happy tortie kitten! Concerned?

My kitten Pantherlilly was sneezing and had a gunky eye 3-4 weeks ago so I took her to the vet to get a check up, she was due for a booster shot…

ASKED BY Member 1230537 on 7/29/14
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Has anyone flown Southwest?

Hi everyone, I'm flying with my two cats on Southwest airlines next week. This will be my first experience both flying with Southwest and flying…

ASKED BY Member 1205210 on 12/20/13
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How can I fly 2 cats across the country?

I will be moving from OR to PA next month. I don't know how to bring my 2 cats with me. I plan on flying as I don't have much stuff but I don't know…

ASKED BY Member 1088383 on 1/30/12
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I eat flies when I catch them. Will they make me sick?

I like to catch flies and I'm very good at it. As soon as I grasp it with my paws I chomp it right down. But mum is worried that flies have germs…

ASKED BY Willow aka Wilomena Catbeast - on 7/15/08
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