How do I get Tibby to stop biting me in my sleep?

Tibby is new to my home and he lives with my brother and I. I keep him in my room overnight because I fear my brother will leave one of the doors open…

ASKED BY Tibby on 5/18/14
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How much does keeping a FIV positive cat cost?

I am planning to adopt a cat from a shelter, and I found the most beautiful and friendly cat, and my parents seem to like it too, until we found out…

ASKED BY Member 1194666 on 10/16/13
TAGGED fiv, adopt, tomcat, health, cost, price IN FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

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Lost weight and FIV?

Hi I have a FIV cat, he is 9 years old. He was quite big, 14 pounds, but he lost a lot of weight in the last 4 months. The thing is, he still eat…

ASKED BY Member 1145755 on 12/18/12
TAGGED fiv, food, weightloss IN Health & Wellness

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Is there anything I can do to keep my cat from manifesting symptoms of FIV? 1 yr old just diagnosed. immune support?

He came to us, was a stray or dropped off we don't know, and we kept him despite the diagnosis, he seems healthy now. He was living outside in upstate…

ASKED BY Member 877111 on 9/15/09
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Is euthanasia the only option for a cat with FIV?

we adopted (he adopted us) a stray cat he started to get thin and had diahrea i took him to the vet he tested + for FIV. He has anemia to the point…

ASKED BY Member 876764 on 9/14/09
TAGGED fiv, anemia, euthanasia IN FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

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How to stop 4 month old neutered male from aggressively jumping on the back & biting neck of 5 year old spayed female?

Alfie is a 4 months old mixed Russian Blue and full of energy little kitten. But when he sees Shayna, who is a full grown 5 year old female tiger…

ASKED BY Member 861399 on 7/27/09
TAGGED fourmontholdmalekittenshowingaggressivebehavioronfiveyearoldtabbyfemale IN Aggression


Advice needed please?

Well, you can go to Peaches page for the full story, but basically, I rescued this cat. 4/5 days ago. I took her to the vet yesterday, and she is…

ASKED BY Peaches on 6/16/09
TAGGED fiv, health, pregnancy, nursing, kittens IN Health & Wellness

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