Fighting in the house after months of peace?

Recently my cats have been fighting a lot.. I need help. When we first moved we had four cats (one per person) and they got along alright. These…

ASKED BY Loki on 11/12/14
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My cats won't stop attacking my other cat?

I have a 7 lb 2 year old named Leia. We recently took in a friends cat who weighs 12lbs, yuki. Leia is used to being the only cat, and Yuki is used to…

ASKED BY Leia on 3/14/14
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Cat fights between my two cats who haved known each other since kittens, What can I do?

I have two persian cats who have always been indoors, a female and a male. They have been together since they were kittens and have always had a…

ASKED BY Member 1212203 on 2/20/14
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Re-Introducing Kittens?

My kittens are from the same litter, both female. They are around 3 months. They were seperated for around one month. When I brought them back…

ASKED BY Member 1183126 on 7/30/13
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My two cats have been fighting for over a year, is there hope they'll work it out?

Our female cat Gabby is the one we've had longer than MJ the male. They're around the same age. Both black cats. Gabby is an outdoor/indoor. MJ is…

ASKED BY Member 1156546 on 2/22/13
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My 2 cats have been together for over 5 years, yet still hate the guts of each other. Tiger, a female Tortie tends to be?

Tiger, a spayed female Tortie tends to be the one who instigates the fight. Smokey, a neutered male persian, tends to run away in fear and doesn't…

ASKED BY Member 1152303 on 1/28/13
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My 2 cats are indoor only cats, yesterday another cat came up to our front door and then my 2 cats turned on each other?

Soon after the female cat returned to normal, but now it's the next day and the male is still going crazy. Last night he was acting like the cat…

ASKED BY Member 1066723 on 10/27/11
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My male and female cats are not getting along what can I do to make her less afraid and him less aggressive?

Both cats are of the same age and both sexually altered, but not from the same litter. I raised the female (with the help of two dogs) since she…

ASKED BY Member 1005542 on 9/25/10
TAGGED behavior, fights, newcat, introductions IN Behavior & Training

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