Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory

Feral cat brought in house and think I made a mistake ....what to do?

I believe I have made a terrible mistake and i don't know what to do....My beloved cat of 16 years had to be euthanized last week due to a thrown…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory 43 minutes ago
TAGGED feral, stray, antisocial IN Choosing the Right Pet


How will it effect my older cat to bring in a younger feral cat?

I have a friendly older gentlemen cat (possibly 8-10 yrs+) named Tigger. He's been in my home for 6 years(since I moved in). I haven't had any other…

ASKED BY Tigger on 11/12/14
TAGGED oldercat, feralcat, adopting, rescuing IN Socialization


Feral/Shy kitten. Need advice?

I adopted a kitten yesterday. She was found in a shed at 5 weeks old and looked after by a kind lady (who has also taken in her feral mum and sibling…

ASKED BY Mitzi on 8/5/14
TAGGED kitten, stray, feral, shy, timid IN Kittens

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Tame cat reverting to wild behavior?

We found two feral kittens at about 6 weeks old. After a few weeks they were comfortable around us and our other cats and acting quite normal. They…

ASKED BY Member 1223450 on 4/20/14
TAGGED feral, behavior, training IN Behavior & Training

Itty Bitty Kitty

Overly Aggressive Male Kitten?

I rescued him at 5-weeks old last October. He's great with our other 2 cats and our dog but not us. He attacks us for no reason...and it's not playful…

ASKED BY Itty Bitty Kitty on 3/29/14
TAGGED biting, growling, feral, kitten IN Aggression

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How to help cat feel more comfortable and stop bullying from other cat?

Hi- I am wondering how to make a formerly feral kitty feel more comfortable. I have had Raven for about 5 years and she still will not let me touch…

ASKED BY Member 1210596 on 1/20/14
TAGGED feral, bullying IN Behavior & Training


How to make a feral cat more attached to you?

I want my Isobel to be more attached to me. What should I do?

ASKED BY Isobel on 8/20/13
TAGGED feral, cat, tame IN Other Behavior & Training

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Thoughts on stray/feral who's scratching his fur off?

I put flea/tick stuff on him over 6 weeks ago, and about 2 weeks after that I noticed the bald spot at his shoulderblade. The size of the bald spot…

ASKED BY Member 1143501 on 6/28/13
TAGGED skin, feral IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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