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Cat acting weird. He rolled off me fast, jumped around. Almost seemed possessed?

PLEASE! OKAY! so I was just holding my cat in my lap (he loves being help) and he seemed very relaxed and calm. Suddenly he jerked up and jumped…

ASKED BY Member 1171022 on 5/19/13
TAGGED sick, fell, fall, rolled, jumped, scared IN Emergencies & First Aid

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I can't find my cat!?!?!? Please help?

My cat was running on the backyard wall a suddenly her legs slided and she fall from there to the other side of the wall which was about 20-25 feet…

ASKED BY Member 1153879 on 2/6/13
TAGGED find, slid, deep, fell, lost IN Adoption & Rescue

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My cat has leg pain,he is 14 yrs old.He keeps jumping on the kitchen counter an off?

he hurt his leg from jumping off of the counter.We try to block the counter but this evening he tried to jump over the block and fell off. now he is…

ASKED BY Member 834739 on 5/9/09
TAGGED whatcanidotoeasethepain, itcouldbehehasatouchofarthritis, wetookhimtothevetandhegaveusdasequinandthatdidhelpsomebutwhenhefelltodayhereinjuredhimself, couldalsobeatouchofarthritiswhichwillnothelpthesituation, allicandoisholdhimandtellhimilovehimbutiknowthatdoe IN Medications

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My cat fell from our balcony, has has a shattered back leg. I cant afford surgury. Is my only option to put him down?

He is a Maine Coon and the vet is saying that he is too fat to be an amputee. He is not eating on his own, he is pooping and peeing on himself…

ASKED BY Member 827589 on 4/18/09
TAGGED fellbrokenhindlegcantaffordsurgery IN Emergencies & First Aid


I just noticed that two of my cats nipples have black dry crust around them and one nipple looks like it fell off! HELP?

My 2 year old neutered Himmy male has 6 nipples. Two of them look very dry with (what looks like) tiny spots of dry blood around them. Other 3…

ASKED BY Charlie on 2/2/09
TAGGED nipple, nipples, crusty, crust, felloff, fallingoff, dryblood, dry, skin, hole IN Skin Problems