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Where can I find temporary foster care for 2 cats? Owner in hospital?

My friend is in the hospital and needs temporary home for her beloved cats as they are soo lonely in her absence.She will pay for food, vets…

ASKED BY Member 1172095 on 5/26/13
TAGGED temporarycare, fostering, repitefelinecare IN Answers

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I need help finding a home for a stray cat I took in that has feline leukemia?

I have a cat that I am trying to find a home for. It is a stray that someone abandon in the country that was living on my brother's farm for over a…

ASKED BY Member 1153053 on 2/1/13
TAGGED cat, rescue, felineleukemia, help, foster IN Shelters & Rescue

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How can i help my 3yr old male cat current shots possibly poisoned?

he already survived antifreeze poisoning 17mos ago, now eats dryNF food thru vet, called her emerg ph earlier unavailable what can i do until mon am…

ASKED BY Member 1116117 on 6/17/12
TAGGED emergencyfelinehelpwithpoisoning IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My cat still has lesions and ulcers in his mouth after the full mouth extraction...Need Help.…

Hello, I have 6 years old male siamese cat. He has diagnosed with stomatitis 15 months ago. I tried everything but nothing worked. So he had full…

ASKED BY Member 1111249 on 5/17/12
TAGGED felinestomatitis, fullmouthextraction IN Dental Care


What is a good way to keep your cats paws warm in winter without using booties or socks?

My cats are outdoor cats most of the time and where we live, (the lovley Minnesota!!(: haha) and there is snow and ice all over the place. We were…

ASKED BY George on 1/21/12
TAGGED pads, cold, winter, snow, feline, cat, kitties, weather, hay, booties IN Other Health & Wellness

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Cat with heart disease-not tolerating any of the meds?

My 12 year old Timon was diagnosed with heart disease about a month ago after a brief episode where he was walking in circles/could control his legs…

ASKED BY Member 1084457 on 1/14/12
TAGGED feline, cat, heartdisease, enalapril, proviable, diltiazem IN Illness & Disease

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