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My new cat (who is also my first pet) is extremely shy - am I approaching her properly?

I have had Olive (adult, female English shorthair mix) for about 2 months. I had to move apartments about a month ago. I adopted Olive from a local…

ASKED BY Member 1235893 on 10/18/14
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What to do with a scared/aggressive cat?

I got Frida from a shelter and I believe that a former family hit or otherwise hurt her. She flinches and runs away if I move too quickly. She also…

ASKED BY Member 1181012 on 7/18/13
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Tonks and Mac

Help! I think my cat is stress eating?

We have 2 cats, Tonks, who is 16.2 lb and Mac who is 10.8. Mac and Tonks are brothers and have been together since birth, they are on a scheduled…

ASKED BY Tonks and Mac on 7/10/13
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New cat scared and old cat howling/crying?

adopted a 2 year old spayed female cat named heidi from local humane society 2 days ago. my 10 year old male neutered persian howls/crys at her and…

ASKED BY Jingles on 2/2/11
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My cat has been acting odd, help?

Hello, I have two cats: Muffin and Skittles. There was not a problem until about a week ago when Muffin began to act rather odd. I have started to…

ASKED BY Muffin on 6/19/09
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My cat got loose and I can't catch him?

He's leash trained and was scared by a loose dog; managed to get out of harness. Have tried many things to get him back in house and none have worked…

ASKED BY Member 823854 on 4/7/09
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Adopted 8 month old kitten was social in the morning then hid under the bed the rest of the day. What is wrong?

We adopted the kitten 3 days ago. 1st day we put her in a room to get adjusted. I slept in that room and she became social, was able to pet her…

ASKED BY Member 784684 on 12/29/08
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