Paul (RB)

Is there any way to rearrange the order of cats on my family page?

The first kitty on my family page has gone to the Bridge. I have two new kitties. I'd like to have all my living kitties show up first. Is there…

ASKED BY Paul (RB) on 10/31/08
TAGGED rearrange, familypage IN The Catster Website

Bessie (RB)

On my family page, the text next to one of my cats pics (Bessie)is all garbled and on top of other text by the cat above?

I use the family page to show all my cats' pictures with a brief bit of info next to each one. From there, of course, you click on each cat to see…

ASKED BY Bessie (RB) on 4/16/08
TAGGED text, messedup, familypage IN My Account