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6wk kit on 0.2ml 2xd, seems allergic - drool, mouth breathing, eyes swollen, etc. Withold dose until I can talk to vet?

I have a 6wk kitten that I got after the SPCA he was at had a fire. We were emergency fosters but have decided to adopt him. The fire was Monday…

ASKED BY Member 1248915 on 7/5/15
TAGGED sixweeks, smokeinhalation, antiinflammatory, clavamox, drooling, sneezing, mouthbreathing, swolleneyes IN Health & Safety

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My brother give my cats a fish and now their eyes are semi closed and red, what can I do?

ASKED BY Member 1248584 on 6/26/15
TAGGED food, kitten, fish, eyes IN Kittens

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There is some sort of film over my kitten's left eye?

My boyfriend and I took a kitten in that our neighbor had found under his house on Friday. When we got him, both of his eyes were matted shut, so we…

ASKED BY Member 1246245 on 5/6/15
TAGGED eyes, film, abandoned, help IN Health & Safety

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What is the process of kitten eye color changes?

Ok so I hi guys! I'm new and have just adopted a kitten that is now between 8-10 weeks old. He weighs 2 lbs. Anyways, when I got him they said he…

ASKED BY Member 1242436 on 2/15/15
TAGGED kittens, kittenseyes, dichroniceyes, dichronic, dichronicirises, heterochromia, eyechanges, eyecolors, eyecolorchange, colorchange, kittenseyesblue, blueeyes IN Other Kittens

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Why does my cat act this way, and how to teach him not to ?

I have two cats who we adopted at a very young age. They were too young to be removed from the mother cat, but for one of my cats the mothercat was…

ASKED BY Member 1240133 on 1/4/15
TAGGED behavior, training, cat, cats, miauw, attack, hunt, eyes, fight, twocats, state, help IN Behavior & Training

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Help! My cat's eyes are swollen and oozing blood?

Is she dying? Or is she poisoned, or is it a battle wound? I don't know, however could you tell me how to help her? I'll try putting chamomille tea on…

ASKED BY Member 1238164 on 11/29/14
TAGGED eyes, swelling, blood, poison, eye IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Dry scratchy cracked scab-like nose, help?

My cat has had a dry scratchy cracked scab-like nose since she was born (she was born with me, I would know) and is now a year and 3 months old, I…

ASKED BY Member 1237591 on 11/17/14
TAGGED nose, dry, drynose, leakyeyes IN Health & Wellness

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I just got a kitten and in the corner of her eyes is this white stuff that i'm not able to wipe off. What should i do?

I took in a kitten so it would die in the cold this winter and i've only had her for about 2 days now and she doesn't play at all, she just slowly…

ASKED BY Member 1236332 on 10/26/14
TAGGED kittens, sick, eyes, toys, bath IN Adoption & Rescue

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