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My cat, Coco, was left at home for 2 days while I was out of town. I came home and her third eye lid was visible?

It doesn't seem to be bothering her, but I wanna make sure she's ok! She's about a year old. Here is a picture:

ASKED BY Member 1135026 on 10/9/12
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Cat refusing to use litterbox and acting sick after introduction of third cat?

My 5 year old cat chips has had a cat friend since he was about 3ish, he never acted out but i pet sat my mothers cat and he got sick and poop'd…

ASKED BY Member 1127214 on 8/23/12
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Eyelid turned "inside out"?

Monkee, age 2, had a serious upper resp infection when I adopted him as a kitten. He's been healthy ever since, but there's something with his…

ASKED BY Monkee on 2/15/12
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My 6 month old (inside only) kitten was attacked by the landlords barn (outside only) cat. Her third eyelid is torn?

She recently went into heat and we unlocked the kitty door to the garage so she can go out and call without being "outside". One of the landlords…

ASKED BY Binx on 4/1/10
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Kitten's lower inner eyelids show when he gets very this normal?

honestly, that's about all there is to it. 3 months old, 3 lbs give or take, his eyes were a bit runny one day once that i observed in the…

ASKED BY rhymon pearle hedges-come home on 9/28/08
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