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Does my cat have a respiratory infection?

I have noticed sneezing and wheezing in my 2 year old cat, Georgia. She also has some weird clear liquid coming out of her eye. I have seen the liquid…

ASKED BY Member 1236002 3 days, 10 hours ago
TAGGED respiratory, infection, disease, cat, eye, eyes, watery, watering, sneezing, wheezing, sneezes, wheezes, pet, years, symptoms IN Illness & Disease


Need advice about enucleation of my kitten?

My 6 month old kitten needs to have her left eye removed due to injury and resulting infection that happened before we adopted her. What are the…

ASKED BY Ziva on 6/21/14
TAGGED eyeinjury, enucleation IN Health & Wellness

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Is my cat's odd eye color a potential health problem?

The other day I found a stray cat who is a black and brown striped male. He is very friendly, but we are worried if he has health problems. We found…

ASKED BY Member 1228686 on 6/14/14
TAGGED eyecolor, eyes, odd, help IN Health & Wellness


Why is it that sometimes I space out and my head tilts back and then I snap out of it? It scares me?

I am an approximately 2 year old tabby/siamese mix. I came from an abusive home and have a TON of energy. I can be very cuddly but will snap out of…

ASKED BY Archie on 6/3/14
TAGGED eyes, aggression IN Other Health & Wellness


How do you give eye drops to a struggling cat?

My cat recently got a black eye from no one knows what. The vet put her under. anesthesia today to take a closer look at the eye and told me that…

ASKED BY Fleur on 5/7/14
TAGGED eyedrops IN Medications

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(Urgent) Found abandonned / wounded cat, need help on how to treat him asap?

I found a Cat on the streets and I took him home. He is scared and barely drinks the milk, also his eye seems infected. Here is a picture of him…

ASKED BY Member 1220746 on 4/7/14
TAGGED cat, eye, help IN Illness & Disease

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After recovering from a cold last month, kitten has caught a cold again! Please help?

Hi! One of the kittens at our home has caught a cold again! Actually all of them caught and recovered in 2 weeks. And this kitten was ok till…

ASKED BY Member 1209830 on 1/16/14
TAGGED cold, lossof, fur, runnynose, wateryeyes, kitten IN Health & Wellness

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My cats got into a fight?

Sylvester seems to be fairly okay although his one ear is red and irritated looking and a couple scratches. More worried about Greyson, who has an eye…

ASKED BY Member 1208749 on 1/10/14
TAGGED cats, male, injury, health, eye, ear, help, serious IN Health & Wellness

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