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How do I prevent my sick cat from being attacked by my roommate's healthy cat?

I moved in 4 months ago with my roommate. I have an 11 yr old male, she has a 2 year old female. When he was healthy their fights/playing was fine…

ASKED BY Member 1211260 on 1/29/14
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Should I take my cat on an overnight trip in order to introduce him to his new kitty roommate?

I am planning to move in May to a house about three hours away. The girl I am living with already has a cat. She wants to introduce our cats. She…

ASKED BY Member 1103729 on 4/2/12
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What brand of canned cat food is best for adult cats/the environment?

I'd like to know which brands (if any) both have good health benefits to cats and are produced or made in a way that is sustainable and…

ASKED BY Hobbes on 2/26/12
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I am moving from one condo to another with 2 strictly indoor cats. Tips how I can get them used to the new home ?

The female cat is 10 years old, her male compagion 7 years. They are spayed, resp. neutered. I have them since they were 6 weeks old and so far they…

ASKED BY Alf on 4/29/10
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