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Hi. My beautiful new kitten (now 9 months and HUGE) terrorizes my other cat (8 years old). He is always biting her :(?

He is already much bigger than she is. She is sickly (being treated for eosophilinic granuloma & asthma) and the sweetest cat in the world. He too…

ASKED BY Member 1233992 on 2/15/15
TAGGED bullyingbitingexcessenergyjealousyaggression IN Aggression


My cat is always bored?

My bombay cat Miles has a ton of energy and he gets bored with all toys. Because he can't burn off his energy he takes it out on our girl cat…

ASKED BY Miles on 1/31/14
TAGGED aggression, energy, play, toys, outside IN Aggression

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Quarantined kitten?

Hey Everyone! I have been fostering a kitten for about 5 days now, he has an upper respiratory infection, so I have to keep him quarantined from my…

ASKED BY Member 1185503 on 8/14/13
TAGGED kitten, quarantine, toys, play, teething, energy, time IN Other Health & Wellness


Change in appetite & Energy?

Lately my almost 3 year old female Buddha has gains a much bigger appetite than before. She has always been a very thin cat and a picky eater, but…

ASKED BY Buddha on 7/24/13
TAGGED food, energy IN Other Health & Wellness

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Energy level?

My kitten jumps and runs into the bars of his ferret cage.He goes like 100 miles per hour!His uncle has heart problems.Is this normal?His vet says…

ASKED BY Member 1062716 on 10/11/11
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HELP ME! I have 2 brother cats 15 months old that recently set in a window in the basement,hidden by a curtain, looking?

In may thier father was taken by a coyote and this being our 4th cat killed, I made them full time in door cats. Every once in awhile they would jot…

ASKED BY BAST on 8/11/10
TAGGED hidden, wontplay, actssick, lackofenergy IN Other Behavior & Training

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My cat has stopped eating. She still has the same energy, and attitude, the only thing that has changed is her eating ha?

She's around 1 years old, and we got her from the Kitten Rescue. When we got her she was of healthy weight, but over several weeks from now she's…

ASKED BY Member 929969 on 12/13/09
TAGGED not, eating, energy IN Other Food & Nutrition

Indiana Angel Cat

My older cat hisses and growls at my other cat when he tries to play, but he won't leave her alone no matter what?

I have asked a quest. like this before, and have tried to find more info and even spoke w/the vet, but my 1st kitty, who is just over a year…

ASKED BY Indiana Angel Cat on 8/7/09
TAGGED hissing, playing, socializing, energy IN Aggression

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