Little old lady cat suddenly stops using litter box--is it old age?

Our old lady cat recently decided to stop using her litter box and go on the bathroom rug. There haven't been any household changes to stress her out…

ASKED BY Speak on 4/10/13
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How to get an elderly cat to start using the litter box again?

We have two cats, both females. One's getting up there in age and the other is about two years old. The younger cat enjoys attacking the older cat…

ASKED BY Member 1142968 on 11/29/12
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I just adopted a 14 year old cat whose owner passed away, how can I help her adjust to her new home?

The cat I adopted was with her owner her entire 14 years. Sassy was at the shelter 10 days but I don't know how long ago the owner died. She is…

ASKED BY Member 1107230 on 6/23/12
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Hairballs in older kitties?

My kitty is about 8 1/2 years old. She has been wheezing lately (hairball wheezes) and I've been trying to give her some remedies to help her cough it…

ASKED BY Varoom on 4/5/12
TAGGED hairballs, elderly, senior, health IN Other Health & Wellness

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Nearly 17 year old cat with arthritis pain, unable to visit vet, please help?

Before I begin, I want to state that I know a visit to the vet to be examined would be in the best interest of any elderly pet. If this were an option…

ASKED BY Member 1024973 on 2/27/11
TAGGED elderlyoldarthritis IN Senior Pet

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How do I tell if dry food is too hard for my cat to chew?

I have an elderly cat. He's 14. He eats dry food. I have tried him out on wet food several times, but he only takes a couple of bites, then lets it…

ASKED BY Member 1016636 on 12/23/10
TAGGED food, elderlycat, hardonteeth IN Pet Food

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