Pandora Moon-Unit

Am I an Egyptian Mau?

I'm (well, in my own opinion,) a fabulous silver and white tabby with some serious spots on my belly, and while I know I'm not purebred anything, my…

ASKED BY Pandora Moon-Unit on 7/13/11
TAGGED egyptianmau, breed, tabby, silver, white, pandora IN Egyptian Mau

Sneek Attack

I am not sure what my breed is, maybe Egyptian mau?

I am grayish silverish with black stripes and spots. I have green eyes and all the same markings on the face... Please look at my photo and help…

ASKED BY Sneek Attack on 6/13/11
TAGGED categyptianmau IN Breeds

♥ Misty ♥

Could I be part Egyptian Mau?

My mom has seen the Egyptian Mau episode of Cats 101 twice, and claims that I have several simularities. 1.) I have a wet nose. 2.) I have lots of…

ASKED BY ♥ Misty ♥ on 9/3/10
TAGGED breed, egyptianmau, mix IN Egyptian Mau


Does this cat have Mau in it?

ASKED BY Khia on 7/16/10
TAGGED breed, breeds, mau, egyptianmau, mix, mixbreeds IN Breeds

Guest Member Since

How can I tell if my cat is or has Egyptian Mau in him?

My (almost) 4yr old male has the markings and the personality of an Egyptian Mau. How can I know if he really is one or came from one? The only…

ASKED BY Member 935597 on 1/4/10
TAGGED cat, breed, egyptianmau IN Egyptian Mau

Guest Member Since

I want to adopt/rescue an exotic cat?

I am looking to adopt/rescue either an Egyptian Mau, Bengal or Ocicat. I am having diffucutly trying to find the best site/info on this. Please if…

ASKED BY Member 891889 on 9/23/09
TAGGED egyptianmau, bengal, ocicat IN Other Adoption & Rescue

Guest Member Since

I have 2 beautiful 9 month old female kittens and I think they might be egyptian maus, bit I don't know how to tell?

They look almost identical to both the egyptian maus and to the ocicat. How can I find out for sure?

ASKED BY Member 829456 on 4/23/09
TAGGED breeds, egyptianmaus, ocicats, howtotellthedifference IN Breeds

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