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Mating Kittens?

I have two kittens, Yishi (male) and Hei Hei (female). Yishi is almost 8 months and Hei Hei is now around 6 months. Yishi just got back from a vet…

ASKED BY Member 1246081 2 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED mating, kittens, sex, pregnant IN Kittens

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Need opinions -- which breed is best?

I just lost my cat, Whiskers, today. I will be getting a new cat eventually but I need to know which cat is best. I narrowed it down to American…

ASKED BY Member 1245418 on 4/18/15
TAGGED breed, american, short, hair, norwegian, forest, cat IN Adoption & Rescue

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I think my cat is pregnant, any help?

My 6 month old cat got out of the house twice while in heat. She tore a hole in the screen of the window. About two or there days ago my mom was…

ASKED BY Member 1244632 on 4/4/15
TAGGED pregnancy, kittens IN Other Kittens

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My cat hurt her leg about two weeks ago. Acting normally, but now getting sick? HELP?

There is a bump but she has been walking fairly normally. However, yesterday she began getting sick after eating. She has always had a problem with…

ASKED BY Member 1242115 on 2/8/15
TAGGED sick, leg, injury IN Health & Wellness

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Cat coughing up phlegm but always swallows it again. What can I do?

So, I recently took over as owner; he was my mother's cat. He had a bad cold/congestion for a couple years or more. He wouldn't get over it due to…

ASKED BY Member 1232274 on 2/7/15
TAGGED bacterialinfection, cold, coughing, phlegm IN Illness & Disease

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Younger Cat Pooping While Walking/Playing?

Okay, this is kind of gross & maybe a little too detailed but I don't know if I should be worried? I have a 6 month old cat and recently she has…

ASKED BY Member 1238827 on 12/10/14
TAGGED litter, box, potty, younger, young, cat, girl, kitten, problems, pooping, irregular, bowel, movements, accididently, going, outside, the, litterbox, walking, playing IN Other Health & Wellness

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