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Will my cat cope well with someone else while I'm away for a few months?

I adopted my domestic shorthair female cat from the rspca and she's an Amazing cat. She's 2 years old and I've only had her for 3 months. We've…

ASKED BY Member 1231414 on 8/8/14
TAGGED holiday, vacation, trauma, change, personality, health, dsh, domestic, shorthair, cat, behaviour, aggression, aggressive, fear, scarred, emotional IN Aggression

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2 year old black female urinating in short periods when has to go?

i have a 2 year old female, spayed,slightly over weight, she just started a day or two ago having to urinate in short periods a small amount until she…

ASKED BY Member 1214730 on 3/7/14
TAGGED urinatingoftenandshortamounts IN Other Health & Wellness

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Help! Need to give my unhappy cat a flea bath.…

Help! I need to give my miserable cat (yes, I know that sounds terrible but she was so awesome as a kitten and I got her because she was so friendly…

ASKED BY Member 1194706 on 10/16/13
TAGGED bath, fleas, bloodshed IN Bathing

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I am trying to find a home for an orange and white tabby that is my MIL's, causing havoc with our animals?

We have my MIL's kitty that is about 10 yrs old since she's been moved into a nursing home...unfortunately the change hasn't stuck for our family…

ASKED BY Member 1171905 on 5/24/13
TAGGED tabby, needshome, lover, litterboxtrained IN Adoption & Rescue

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What breed is my cat? She's similar to a calico, but I'm not sure.…

She is similar to a calico, the white ones with a little black, but she and her sister have large black spots with a tint of brown. They're domestic…

ASKED BY Member 1121192 on 7/17/12
TAGGED breed, blackwhiteandbrown, dsh IN Breeds


Is everyone aware that Purina has stopped making the 3 main urinary health cat foods?

I used to feed Friskies dry urinary formula and then it was unavailable but purina urinary blend was there so I was using that. Then that…

ASKED BY Jake on 2/22/12
TAGGED foodshortage IN Other Food & Nutrition

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My cat - 16 years old male cat. good shape--has about golf ball size lump on his back (back side of neck). He did a ne?

My cat has about golf ball size lump on his back (back side of neck, bet neck and shoulder ). He did a needle biopsy. The results showed it was a…

ASKED BY Member 1041094 on 7/15/11
TAGGED mycathasalumpbetweenneckandshoulder IN Senior Pet

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