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Is my cat sick or just in pain?

My cat has been drooling alot recently which isn't normal for him. When I looked in his mouth I found a small puncture wound,like he bit his tongue. I…

ASKED BY Member 1234014 on 9/14/14
TAGGED drooling, sick IN Illness & Disease

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My cat is constantly drooling and he is also opening and closing his mouth for ages... Does anyone know why?

He is almost a year old and goes out a lot, he's been drooling and opening and closing his mouth. When he opening and closing his mouth there is no…

ASKED BY Member 1176673 on 6/23/13
TAGGED drool, cat, help, why, concerned, food, crazy, year, age, unsure, drooling, foam, omg, ew IN Behavior & Training

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Sick kitty-vomitting and drooling with loss of appetite :-(?

Gizmo is 10 (will be 11 in July) and is most definitely not feeling well. He vomitted twice yesterday and it was not the regular hairball/frothy…

ASKED BY Member 1155202 on 2/14/13
TAGGED vommiting, drooling, lossofappetite, sickcat IN Illness & Disease

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My cat has a swollen jaw; what should we do?

My cat escaped last night, and returned early this morning with a swollen jaw. It started out swollen on mostly one side, but has now become…

ASKED BY Member 1119432 on 7/7/12
TAGGED cat, swollen, jaw, emergency, accident, sick, drooling, drool, lethargy IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My cat is 2 years old, its mother was killed before it was weaned and now it drools on me, is there a connection there?

It was given a second mother after its first one died and it was taken away from that cat too early as well. It always drools on and licks my…

ASKED BY Member 1107360 on 4/23/12
TAGGED weaning, drooling, psychology, kittens IN Other Behavior & Training


Cat has drool around mouth and acts weird?

my 3 month old male cat has these fits where its like somethings bothering him in his nose or mouth. he growls and hisses at himself and wipes at…

ASKED BY Pantera on 3/25/11
TAGGED drool, irritation, nose, mouth IN Illness & Disease

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