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Is a ragdoll good for me?

No one is in the house for 9h in the day. Im desperate for a cuddily, fluffy cat but my worry is if Ragdolls can be trusted in the house by itself…

ASKED BY Member 1148640 on 1/7/13
TAGGED independent, cuddly, fluffy, cute, lap, kitten, house, desperate, worry, ragdoll, ragdolls, trust, trusted, in, the, itself, im, worried, it, will, scratch, down, about, getting, but, is, this, good, for, me IN Ragdoll


How do you keep a cat cool during the summer heat?

My cat is a double-coated, black/white 4-year-old and she doesn't seem to like the things that other people say that cats like to be cooled down with…

ASKED BY Thumper on 7/14/12
TAGGED heat, summer, coolingdown IN Other Health & Wellness

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My cat has a swollen arm and wont eat or keep anything down.gave him pedialite. are antibiotics a bad idea to give him?

i dont know what happened and i dont know what to do

ASKED BY Member 1090794 on 2/8/12
TAGGED swollenarm, wonteat, cantkeepfooddown IN Health & Wellness

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My cat will fall over onto his front left shoulder, seemingly on purpose, is he in danger of hurting himself?

Sometimes when i approach him and other times unprovoked he will "plop" down onto his front left shoulder, kind of hard, and then roll onto his back…

ASKED BY Member 1014484 on 12/7/11
TAGGED fallsdown, shoulder, dangerous IN Other Behavior & Training

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Can cats climb up and down stairs?

Considering getting a cat, probably a javanese or siberian, the stairs in my home are steep and i'm just wondering if a cat will manage to go up and…

ASKED BY Member 1075119 on 12/4/11
TAGGED stairs, siberian, javanese, climb, up, down, and, fall, falling IN Breeds

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I need to learn how to start a website and at photo's to my site?

Hi Sweetie it is Grace. Long time, I have not heard from you. I want to learn how you set up my own web site and how you were able to load photo's…

ASKED BY Member 980267 on 4/7/10
TAGGED downloadphotosforabusiness IN Answers


How do you comment back on your own question or edit the question? Eating plastic and stimulating kitties in small area?

Well this is in regards to me saying about putting my Kittie down. I really didnt have much letters to type all of my question. my kitty eats plastic…

ASKED BY Loca on 12/30/09
TAGGED spay, aggression, putdown IN Socialization


Why does Casper have a brown runny ( but now dry) little line running down from his eye about 1cm down?

It doesnt really look serious but It looks kind of weird. He has this little brown dry line going down his eye>> i need an answer(or answers)! my…

ASKED BY Casper on 12/16/09
TAGGED runny, brown, cm, down IN Other Health & Wellness

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