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Please Help! Need advice ASAP! Mother in Law wants to Bring cat! Our cat hates cats?

Our mother in law has a big black declawed (front paws) cat. And my mother in law and sister are moving into our tiny two bedroom until we can get…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 5/4/15
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2 male cats, with kitten being the dominant?

I have a neutered, 4 year old male Maine Coon cat called Aslan. 5 days ago, I came across a stray cat. I have taken him in while I try to look for his…

ASKED BY Member 1221952 on 4/12/14
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Youngest cat starting to Dominate older cats?

Cosmo came into our house a little over a year ago, at about a year old. We've had him neutered. In the past few weeks, his "playing" has turned…

ASKED BY Chester on 1/17/14
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Overly aggressive player with a bit of a mean streak...what should I do?

I have 4 cats in my home, 2 females and 2 males. My females are older (10 and 6) and my males are almost a year. All neutered and indoors. One of…

ASKED BY Member 1154174 on 2/8/13
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Which pawsie is dominant? Has anyone noticed if their kitties are either right or left paw dominant (right or left hand?

One of my kitties tends to use his left paw more, and the other kitty uses his right paw more. Has anyone noticed if their kitties use one or the…

ASKED BY Member 645800 on 11/16/09
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Is it possible that my newish kitten has trumped my older cat as the dominant cat in the household?

I adopted Jasmine approx 7 months ago and she will be a year in April. Her and my existing cat, Butler (almost 3, adopted as a kitten), at best…

ASKED BY Member 554489 on 1/5/08
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