Help me find a breed for this beautiful cat?

Do you guys know what breed he could be? He has a small tail like a bunny's tail and yes it moves. He has yellow eyes and he has dark grayish spots…

ASKED BY Milky on 6/5/15
TAGGED help, breed, domesticshorthair, japanesebobtail, male, kitten, rescue, stray IN Breeds


Help! What kind of breed do you guys think he is?

Any guess what kind of breed he is? I was speculating that he might be a Japanese bobtail. He has no tail but there is a bit that is shaped like…

ASKED BY Milky on 6/5/15
TAGGED breed, japanesebobtail, help, male, notail, domesticshorthair, spots, confused, kitten, cat, whatbreed, helpneeded IN Japanese Bobtail

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Two older cats seeking permanent or foster home asap. Can you help?

Maggie (gray) and Angie (black) are 14 yr old sisters seeking a new loving home. They are on the older side but still spunky and in good health…

ASKED BY Member 1116561 on 6/26/13
TAGGED foster, fostering, domesticshorthair, adopt, adoption, home IN Fostering a Pet


What the colors of american short hair come as like is there colors of domestic short hair cat?

What colors do they comes as domestic short and american short hair does and difference of these two cat breeds and like both cat breeds have…

ASKED BY Rex on 5/24/13
TAGGED breedsofdomesticshorthairandamericanshorthair IN Domestic Shorthair

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What Kind of Cat is She?

I always say she's a Shorthair, but could she be a mix of Domestic Short Hair and Medium Hair? Someone called her a Mediumhair, but she definitely…

ASKED BY Member 1143793 on 12/5/12
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My 5 year old cat whines constantly?

My Domestic Shorthair is 5, and got a clean bill of health from the vet a couple weeks ago. We've only had him a few months, and lately we've noticed…

ASKED BY Member 1092774 on 3/16/12
TAGGED whining, behavior, domesticshorthair, healthy IN Behavior & Training


Meow, am I a Domestic Shorthair or a European Shorthair?

Mummy says I'm beautiful, no matter what I am. But I really wanna know if I'm a Domestic Shorthair or a European Shorthair? One vet said that I'm a…

ASKED BY Moeja on 7/13/11
TAGGED domesticshorthair, europeanshorthair IN Breeds

Madison Jewels (RIP)

Should I get Madison a friend?

She usually hates other cats, but I really wanna see about getting another one, so she has a friend and becomes more social and things. I'm not even…

ASKED BY Madison Jewels (RIP) on 5/23/10
TAGGED cat, new, kitten, madison, domesticshorthair IN Behavior & Training

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