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I have a 7 y/o raggamuffin cat. She has food issues where if you leave food out, she will eat, yack, then eat some more?

This question is about introducing a younger dog to an older cat. I need some direction as to what to do to get them to possibly live together.

ASKED BY Member 1182344 on 7/25/13
TAGGED dogs, introduction, newhome, oldercat IN Behavior & Training

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Why has my female cat started urinating on my male great danes bed and how do I stop her?

Why has my female cat started urinating on my male great danes bed and how do I stop her?

ASKED BY Member 1180678 on 7/16/13
TAGGED caturinatingondogsbed IN Behavior & Training

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Are apples a safe food for cats and dogs to eat?

ASKED BY Member 1158420 on 3/7/13
TAGGED appleseatingfoodcatsdogs IN Food & Nutrition

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How does one go about moving multiple cats cross country?

my cousin's family is moving from the jersey shore to vegas, sometime in the near future. (house is purchased there, just need to sell the current…

ASKED BY (miss) sebastian on 2/25/13
TAGGED longmoves, multiplecats, moving, travel, cats, dogs IN Travel & Recreation

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Recently got a dog & our two 8 year old cats stopped leaving our bedroom and stopped using litter, now peeing under beds?

We own a 2 bed raised rancher style home, and initially the dog was kept down in the basement family room until she matured. she is now being let…

ASKED BY Member 1151383 on 1/22/13
TAGGED catsanddogs, cathelp, catlitter, litterbox, oldcats IN Urine Marking & House Soiling


Are there any groups for princess kittens who own puppies?

I'm a princess kitten and I have a puppy that my mom got me. I was wondering if there were any groups for kitties that own or have non-kitty best…

ASKED BY Psy on 1/21/13
TAGGED groups, friends, dogs IN Groups

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How do I best care for a 7 year old cat that survived a house fire and hid in the rubble 2 months?

My fiancee's ex-wife burned their house to the ground. We were told all 3 cats died with her. Two months later while salvaging from the basement we…

ASKED BY Member 1148690 on 1/7/13
TAGGED cat, dogs, fire, bonding, abandoned IN Adoption & Rescue

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Whenever I log into dogster for some reason it goes to catster and it says my dogs have a catser profile. But I remember?

Our Dog names are ♥ Snoopy ♥ , Snow the Bad Dog! and Double Trouble

ASKED BY Member 1140077 on 1/5/13
TAGGED dogster, dog IN The Catster Website

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