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Tried Everything to stop Kitten from Viciously Fighting Cat HELP?

I Can't Stop Cats From Fighting, These All FAILED: 1. Rehome Cuddle, she was a stray. Turns out, no one else wanted her so I had to keep her. The…

ASKED BY Member 1229447 2 weeks ago
TAGGED cat, kitten, fighting, sentry, calm, collar, aggressive, wounds, biting, hissing, scratching, catfight, attack, humans, dogs, spayed, hunts, fear IN Aggression

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Help. my dog wants to bite my kitten?

i got a new kitten which is named toby but i have a maltipoo which is called lili. the first time they saw each other my dad was holding toby and lili…

ASKED BY Member 1225289 on 5/6/14
TAGGED dogsandkittenproblem IN Other Behavior & Training

Bezalel Tiger

Scaredy cat with new small dog?

I took Bezal in when she was found abandoned at three weeks. She's a little 'slower' than the others, but very sweet. I have always wanted a dog but…

ASKED BY Bezalel Tiger on 1/7/14
TAGGED scaredcat, newdog, adjustmentprocess, hidingcat IN Bringing Your Pet Home


How can you get your catster group popular?

i have a few groups, but there's not much kitties in them! help meowt!

ASKED BY Bluebell on 11/19/13
TAGGED catster, groups, cat, dog, kitten, fun IN The Catster Website

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All you need about cats?

All the products you need for cats as possible I find you just sent a message entitled subjectproplem with my cat massege me…

ASKED BY Member 1188836 on 9/6/13
TAGGED alluneedcatspetsdog IN Health & Wellness


How do I stop cats from peeing on dog bed?

My 2 female cats are just over a year. Both are spayed. One of them loves the dog, and the other one is frightened of her. Someone, I can guess who…

ASKED BY Lilly on 9/6/13
TAGGED cats, dogbed, marking IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 7 y/o raggamuffin cat. She has food issues where if you leave food out, she will eat, yack, then eat some more?

This question is about introducing a younger dog to an older cat. I need some direction as to what to do to get them to possibly live together.

ASKED BY Member 1182344 on 7/25/13
TAGGED dogs, introduction, newhome, oldercat IN Behavior & Training

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Why has my female cat started urinating on my male great danes bed and how do I stop her?

Why has my female cat started urinating on my male great danes bed and how do I stop her?

ASKED BY Member 1180678 on 7/16/13
TAGGED caturinatingondogsbed IN Behavior & Training

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