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How many grams of protein & phosphorus (min & max) should be in cooked homemade diet for CKD?

My cat has been on a prescribed COOKED homemade diet for two months. More energetic, playful, shiny coat, less dander, happy - but her creatinine…

ASKED BY Member 1229796 5 days, 1 hour ago
TAGGED siamese, homemadefood, homemadediet, cookedhomemade, ckd, chronickidneydisease, oldercatdiet, proteinkidneys, phosphoruskidneys IN Homemade Food

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My cat came inside last night and I looked at his nose and it looked raw?

My cat came inside last night and I looked at his nose and it looked raw. He's been just sleeping today inside, all day, stretched out when he usually…

ASKED BY Member 1215862 on 3/13/14
TAGGED nose, injury, disease, fungus IN Skin Problems

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How do I prevent my sick cat from being attacked by my roommate's healthy cat?

I moved in 4 months ago with my roommate. I have an 11 yr old male, she has a 2 year old female. When he was healthy their fights/playing was fine…

ASKED BY Member 1211260 on 1/29/14
TAGGED chronickidneydisease, fighting, environmentalstress IN Behavior & Training

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Could renal failure be caused by a funnel web? Is it worth changing vets to get more accurate urea results?

My cat has suffered from renal failure for the past month. I'm wondering if a funnel web could be the cause. I found a funnel web spider dead in my…

ASKED BY Member 1169324 on 5/8/13
TAGGED kidneydisease, funnelwebspider IN Health & Wellness

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Are agean cat are truely disease free cat that can never sick at all?

It said in cats 101 about that its disease free

ASKED BY Member 1149152 on 1/9/13
TAGGED disease IN Other Health & Wellness

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Lyme disease in cats?

Dijon, one year old neutered male, is sick, it started with extreme lameness in a front foot, (nothing obvious), then fatigue, lack of appetite and…

ASKED BY Member 641257 on 10/24/12
TAGGED fever, lameness, lymedisease IN Health & Wellness

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How can we help a stray cat with dental disease - we're trying to find it a home but now it comes with expensive needs?

Took it to the vet to determine gender and age and that's when they told us about the advanced dental disease - said it would cost $500 to fix. It is…

ASKED BY Member 1115935 on 6/15/12
TAGGED straycat, dentaldisease, adviceforcare IN Dental Care


Cardiomyopathy in my young male cat - clarification? Any other options for treatment other than Atenolol?

My 2.5 year old male cat, Henry, has been diagnosed with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy. On 12/31 he had a sudden paralysis episode that…

ASKED BY Henry on 2/13/12
TAGGED heart, disease, cardiomyopathy IN Illness & Disease

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