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My cat pees all the time! Help?

My 2 year old Siamese cat gets urinary issues every few months. I adopted her from a kill shelter in December of last year, and she was spayed…

ASKED BY Member 1183597 on 8/1/13
TAGGED urination, discharge, spayedfemale IN Illness & Disease

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My cat who is in heat has aclearish brown very thin discharge in the fur around her vagina. She has also been licking it a lot. Is this just from being in heat/mating/licking it or something serious?

My 3yr Persian cat (whom I adopted and was told by a vet she was spayed) went into a silent heat, and I only found out after I caught her mating…

ASKED BY Member 1153055 on 2/1/13
TAGGED persian, vaginaldischarge, pregnancy, heat, mating IN Other Health & Wellness

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My cat seems to discharge a clear odourless fluid after resting but otherwise is very active and healthy any advice?

Female, 4 years old, great apetite, very active, not overweight. she is an indoor cat and not fixed. Its not a great deal of fluid, but constant and…

ASKED BY Member 1134430 on 10/6/12
TAGGED discharge, odourless, colourless IN Illness & Disease

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My cat went into spay while in her first heat. One week later she has brown foul discharge from vulva?

My cat was spayed while in her firt time heat. She is about 5-6 months. 2 days later she had a beige thick-sticky mucus like discharge from vagina…

ASKED BY Member 1024253 on 2/9/12
TAGGED fouldischarge, vagina, cat, spay, heat IN Health & Wellness

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Cat dying-what kind of disease is this?

There's a young male cat in our neighborhood, not exactly our pet, but used to hang out in our house. He's around 3,5 or 4 years old. He is intact…

ASKED BY Member 1081887 on 1/4/12
TAGGED dying, disease, discharge, weightloss, intactmale, infection IN Health & Wellness

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My cat is blind in one eye and has started to get a greenish yellow discharge. Is this normal? Is there any medication?

Since the beginning, he's had clear-ish discharge but it's become more yellow and thick/sometimes a bit bloody and fills his eye quickly. His…

ASKED BY Member 1064765 on 10/19/11
TAGGED cat, blind, discharge, eyes, greenish, yellow, puss IN Other Health & Wellness

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My cat has been having a discharge from the eye and nose since he was kiten. Now he is 10 months and it still happens?

Last summer I moved and found a pregnant mom cat ready to have kittens. She had a litter of 2 kittens. I raised all 3 in our barn. I noticed both…

ASKED BY Member 1024253 on 8/6/11
TAGGED eye, discharge, medication IN Medications


White discharge coming from cat's behind?

i was petting bella (2 year old female, indoor only, spayed) and i noticed a horrible smell. i looked down and there was a bunch of white dots on my…

ASKED BY Bella on 11/20/10
TAGGED white, discharge, behind IN Health & Wellness

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