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How should I resolve issues with my kitten stepping in her poop in the litter box?

We recently adopted a 4 month old kitten that was a stray. I have reason to suspect that she was taken from her mother early, and the adoption…

ASKED BY Member 1150223 on 1/15/13
TAGGED litterbox, dirtypaws, steppinginpoop IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my cat rub her face on my shoes?

One of my kitties love to put their face in my shoes when I get home. I know about leaving sents and taking them in, but she does it to everyone. Also…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED smell, sweat, dirty, shirt, pants, rubson, lick, licks, feet, armpits IN Other Behavior & Training

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How to clean a dirty cat tree?

You know, those carpeted contraptions with shelves of various heights for cats to climb on and lounge in? My two cats have been loving their cat…

ASKED BY Member 1145461 on 12/16/12
TAGGED cattree, cleaning, steamcleaning, dirty IN Pet Products

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Do cat paws get dirty from the litterbox?

So, I want to get a cat but I'm rather OCD and germaphobic. I planned it to simply be that I keep the cat indoors and groom it often and bathe it…

ASKED BY Member 1139287 on 11/5/12
TAGGED litterbox, dirty, paws IN Bathing

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My cat is bringing muddy paws into the house, any advice?

There is a building site directly behind our house now and it is where she use to go out to explore, its now a wet muddy pool and when she comes…

ASKED BY Member 1133326 on 9/29/12
TAGGED mud, paws, dirt, clean, unclean, dirty IN Other Behavior & Training

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What "dirt" can be used to raise kitty grass?I tried organic,but mushrooms (and mold) grow in it?

Are the mushrooms dangerous to my cats? They play with them (bat at them) but don't seem to eat them. I remove them as soon as I see them…

ASKED BY Member 1005953 on 9/28/10
TAGGED food, grassdirt, mushrooms IN Other Food & Nutrition


My male cat won't leave his spot near my neighbors deck, and shows no interest in me or his food? HELP?

My 3 yr old male cat is an outdoor cat. He usually comes home every night, and stays in when its too humid/cold/ect. Yesterday morning he went out…

ASKED BY Bucky on 8/28/10
TAGGED depressed, cat, male, wont, leave, eat, dirty, sad IN Other Behavior & Training

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"Dirty butt" syndrom! My 5-year old ocicat male does not clean his butt and his stool is loose all the time?

We took him to a vet, and found no medical problems. We changed his food several times gradually to see if there were better diet but have not…

ASKED BY Member 867462 on 8/14/09
TAGGED dirtybuttproblem IN Health & Wellness

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