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What are signs that your cat may be diabetic?

Ozzy is six. He's neutered and lives in the house. He is very heavy. I wonder what are the chances he could develop diabetes. What are the signs…

ASKED BY Member 1053569 on 9/9/11
TAGGED diabetes, overweight, medical IN Diabetes

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My cat keeps PEEING and PEEING. Any tips?

My cat has diabetes so he drinks a lot of water. We have raised the insulin level but he keeps peeing large amounts. The litter box is so bad the…

ASKED BY Member 1034652 on 5/22/11
TAGGED pee, oldcat, diabetes IN Diabetes

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How can I make sure that my two cats eat enough and prevent one from eating too much?

I have two cats, a girl who is antisocial and a boy who is very friendly. We've always fed them together, because the girl wont eat unless the guy…

ASKED BY Member 1024461 on 2/23/11
TAGGED multiplecats, diabetes, overeating, undereating, food IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Is it true that dry food has been linked to diabetes and obsietey in cats?

My cats eat both wet food and dry food from wellness. I keep hearing that dry food is linked diabetes and obseitsy in cats. My cats are avrege…

ASKED BY Member 913591 on 1/28/10
TAGGED dryfood, diabetes, obsitey IN Pet Food

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Looking for non-prescription optons for food?

Hi my mom simply cannot afford the prescription diet I have to be on and she is wondering if there are alternatives that other people have found.

ASKED BY Nala - In Loving Memory 5/94 - on 9/16/09
TAGGED diabetesfood IN Diabetes

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Kitten halitosis?

this may seem minor, but the last kitten i had with bad breath died when she was less than a year and a half. rhymon's breath isn't as foul as…

ASKED BY rhymon pearle hedges-come home on 10/29/08
TAGGED badbreath, halitosis, diabetessymptoms IN Dental Care

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