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My 2 adult cats have periodontal/gum disease and I can't afford to get them treated for this. They are very hard to han?

They have been to the Vet today. I'm on a very limited income so I am enrolled in the Banfield Charity Trust fund which allows my pets to get…

ASKED BY Member 1122485 on 8/23/12
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Why is my 10-yr-old cat's left canine tooth growing really rapidly? Now twice the size of the other! what should I do?

My cat is otherwise very well, and not off her food but does have a little plaque. She has always had quite long canines, but this process has started…

ASKED BY Member 1002788 on 9/1/10
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Any advice on tooth paste for cats?

I would prefer something natural if possible, but I definitely want something the cats will tolerate. Thanks.

ASKED BY Member 860786 on 7/28/09
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