How to deal with my dental plaque?

Hello Catster friends, I am new to this place, have just registered today with my kitty brother Schrödinger. I am posting because as a 7 years old…

ASKED BY Chiqui on 11/17/13
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Shu Shu

My 7 year old cat lost her top right canine tooth?

I found the tooth on the floor today - root looks like it's attached. I looked in her mouth and there is a huge hole where the tooth looks like it…

ASKED BY Shu Shu on 8/4/13
TAGGED lostteeth, dentalcleaning, generalanesthesia IN Health & Wellness

Guest Member Since

My 2 adult cats have periodontal/gum disease and I can't afford to get them treated for this. They are very hard to han?

They have been to the Vet today. I'm on a very limited income so I am enrolled in the Banfield Charity Trust fund which allows my pets to get…

ASKED BY Member 1122485 on 8/23/12
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Guest Member Since

Will a cleaning help my cat's rotting teeth?

my senior cat's teeth are slowly rotting, wearing down and falling out. my vet prescribed antibiotics and said we should have his teeth cleaned. I…

ASKED BY Member 944017 on 6/25/12
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Guest Member Since

How can we help a stray cat with dental disease - we're trying to find it a home but now it comes with expensive needs?

Took it to the vet to determine gender and age and that's when they told us about the advanced dental disease - said it would cost $500 to fix. It is…

ASKED BY Member 1115935 on 6/15/12
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My cats is losing fur around the mouth, looks like there may be dry blood?

My 10 month old hemingway kitten Eli has this growing spot of no-fur on the right side of his mouth, toward the jaw. I was made aware when I took…

ASKED BY Elijah on 12/3/10
TAGGED dentalhygiene, skincare IN Health & Wellness


Since my cat swallows cat tartar treats whole, can I give him dog tartar treats?

My cat tends to eat food so zestfully, he'll forego chewing. As a result, he's been getting some tartar problems. I've tried kitty tartar treats…

ASKED BY Rook on 10/27/10
TAGGED treats, dogtreats, tartar, dental IN Treats

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Why is my 10-yr-old cat's left canine tooth growing really rapidly? Now twice the size of the other! what should I do?

My cat is otherwise very well, and not off her food but does have a little plaque. She has always had quite long canines, but this process has started…

ASKED BY Member 1002788 on 9/1/10
TAGGED cat, dentalcare, overgrown IN Dental Care

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