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Rescued kitten?

I found a kitten 3 weeks ago I believe he was 6 weeks when I found him and I need some help. His litter box and food are upstairs he can get to them…

ASKED BY Member 61530 on 5/24/16
TAGGED demanding, crying, siamese, food IN Kittens

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Shelter cat nips and claws a lot despite being affectionate and clingy?

Adopted a 5 year old cat. Wanted a "mellow older cat". He was a love bug in the shelter, but as I was filling out the adoption papers, he went wild…

ASKED BY Member 1012695 on 11/20/10
TAGGED biting, nipping, separationanxiety, overlyaffectionate, demandingattention, swatting IN Aggression

Ray Charles

My owner says I meow too much?

It's no secret that I love singing, but my owner thinks it may be too much. When my owner comes home after being out for a few hours, I meow and meow…

ASKED BY Ray Charles on 2/22/10
TAGGED meowing, mewing, noisy, noise, demanding IN Noisiness