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Why did my 2 year old cat die?

Yesterday I came home and my 2 year old Tabby Betty was dead on the kitchen floor. There were pools of green vomit around her and she was stiff with…

ASKED BY Member 1166273 on 4/21/13
TAGGED dead, vomit, lossofappetite IN Health & Wellness

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What should I do? I live in the country and my mother cat ran away. I have no idea where she is and what to do. There ar?

When the kittens were 6 months old she ran away. I don't know what happened exactly. But I know she escapes easily, she is not friendly with the…

ASKED BY Member 1043536 on 9/14/11
TAGGED escaped, newmother, deadoralive, months IN Other Behavior & Training


What to do for my cat stop bringing dead or alive mouses?

What to do for my cat giving me no longer living mice or dead?

ASKED BY Guero on 10/17/10
TAGGED mouses, rat, dead, alive, cat, scary, bring IN Behavior & Training

Mr. Big (Angel)

How do I make a rainbow bridge for my dead cat?

My old cat Mr. Big passed away a few months ago and it's really sad. However, I would like to create a rainbow bridge for him. Please help.

ASKED BY Mr. Big (Angel) on 8/28/10
TAGGED rainbowbridge, mrbig, deadcat IN My Account


How do i keep my cats from bringing me home birds?

i know it was a present but i dont want my cats bringing home birds. the other night while i was gone Blaze brought home a dead bird. mhy bf was…

ASKED BY Blaze on 7/26/10
TAGGED catsbringhomebirds, birds, cats, blaze, gem, deadbird IN Other Behavior & Training

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I had an 8 month old kitten and she died in just a few hours....…

My kitten died on Tuesday! She was healthy and happy FIV FELV neg had all her shots ect. She seemed Monday to have a lack of energy and then I noticed…

ASKED BY Member 981930 on 4/16/10
TAGGED kittendead, petechialhemmorrhages, diedfast IN Emergencies & First Aid

Walrus ~In loving Memory~

I have a five week old kitten who is loosing energy and has stopped please?

So, our five week old kitten is loosing her energy fast. About three days ago she stopped drinking as much as she did, and you can barely tell that…

ASKED BY Walrus ~In loving Memory~ on 7/7/09
TAGGED dehydration, vet, gross, poop, nearly, dead, reviving, please, help, not, eating IN Health & Safety

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