Cat hit by car, x-rays show no breaks but her legs still won't move/respond?

My 1 year old kitty was hit by a car yesterday morning. She could only move her front legs and her back legs just flopped around. The x-rays showed no…

ASKED BY Lily 2 days, 14 hours ago
TAGGED car, accident, spine, spinal, injury, trauma, paralysed, nerve, neurological IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Advice on Bonding my 1 yr old Cat and 2 New Kittens?

I have a 13mo neutered male cat and we are adopting two 6mo kittens (both fixed) and I'm starting to worry. Until now I've been excited, but the…

ASKED BY Member 1243128 4 days, 10 hours ago
TAGGED cats, kittens, newkittens, yearoldcat, twokittens IN Other Behavior & Training

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My cat has started to behave strangely at night. Any guesses as to what's going on?

We don't have a cat flap in use at the moment (thanks to a stray getting in) so my cat has to claw at the door to be let out. The system works well…

ASKED BY Member 1243124 4 days, 13 hours ago
TAGGED nighttime, attention, outdoor IN Other Behavior & Training


What should my next step be in taking in this outside kitten?

Hello! Hope you're all doing well. I'm trying to bring in this beautiful kitten from outside. She was born in July, under my neighbor's house. As…

ASKED BY Gurdy 5 days ago
TAGGED fereal, adopt, process IN The Adoption Process

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Kitten force fed- how to have him eat on his own again?

Hello I had 2 8 weeks old kitten who got sick with diarea and vomitting. 1 passed after 3 days while on Iv and yogurt tube feeding. We managed…

ASKED BY Member 1242997 1 week ago
TAGGED vomitdiareasickforcefeeding IN Adoption & Rescue

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Good or bad cat breeder based on emails?

Hi, I just wanted to ask if I should be wary of a particular cat breeder. It seems like all their references check out. They scan their cats for…

ASKED BY Member 1242955 1 week ago
TAGGED breeder, kitten, email, worried, safe IN Health & Safety


Cat gets defensive when I try to walk past?

Yo! So my cat Monty who we've had since she was a kitten for about 10 years or so, has never been known as the... 'friendliest' cat but, we still love…

ASKED BY Monty 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED aggression, hiss, paranoid, defensive, attack, growl, grumpy, behavior IN Aggression


House full of cats puking, one is puking up blood. They've recently visited the vet to be spayed. What could be wrong?

I've recently taken my three females to the vet and had them spayed. When they came home the first night things seemed normal. I gave them all their…

ASKED BY Zelda 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED vomiting, spay, vet, viral, blood IN Illness & Disease

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