Luna Skye

My cat was rescued end of Jan '13. She is affectionate but wont sit with me on my lap. What can I do to try and change?

we've had her for almost 4 mos. She's affectionate and will come sleep up in my bed next to me most nights for at least some of the night or most. But…

ASKED BY Luna Skye on 5/6/13
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Kittens not cuddly? :(?

I have three kittens that I raised (with the help of their mama cat), and although I picked them up and played with them and groomed them from the…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 1/9/13
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How do I get my cat to let me sleep at night. He's driving me nuts?

He throws himself at my door at night and cries loudly to be let in. If I let him in, he wont let me lay down, he tries to lay in my spot so he…

ASKED BY Spot on 10/27/09
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I took in a friend's cat who has been in my home for about a week. My other cat won't cuddle with me now! Help?

Since Morty has been living with us, my cat Fernando won't cuddle with me and while him and Morty don't fight, they don't get along either. I've been…

ASKED BY Member 773214 on 11/26/08
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Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov

How can I get my cat to feel happy being picked up and held?

He loves to cuddle up to me and rub himself against me but panics when I pick him up. He is a rescue cat and it did take a while for him not to be…

ASKED BY Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov on 4/17/08
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