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What is the other half of my cat's breed?

My cat is half Manx half something else. She is black and white with green eyes, ears like a Manx, and her nose half pink half black. Her tail is a…

ASKED BY Member 1077821 on 12/16/11
TAGGED manx, crossbreed, breed IN Manx

Ollie Chausette

If a kitten is a cross breed how do you know if he is going to be long haired or short haired?

My kitten is a ragdoll cross. He is black and white and 4 months old. His fur is quite thick, but not as long as his pure bred ragdoll friend who is…

ASKED BY Ollie Chausette on 12/3/07
TAGGED kitten, ragdoll, longhair, shorthair, crossbreed IN Kittens