My 1 yo cat developed eosinophilic bumps and received cortisone to treat. Bumps are back. Do I continue cortisone use?

Lincoln has hive like bumps on his "elbows" on his front legs. He doesn't bother with them - no excessive licking or biting, no hair loss. He was…

ASKED BY Lincoln on 12/5/08
TAGGED cortisone, eosinophilicplaque IN Allergies

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My cat is going bald on her belly and legs?

My cat was spayed 1 1/2 years ago. Since then she seems to bite the fur on her belly off when she grooms. The bald spot is now extending from her…

ASKED BY Member 745721 on 10/2/08
TAGGED cat, licks, belly, legs, spayed, cortisone, allergy, stress IN Skin Problems