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Black Smoke Show Cat?

I have a black smoke Devon Rex show/breeder cat and I want to know what I can do to keep her coat black, other than trying to keep her out of direct…

ASKED BY Member 1248704 on 6/29/15
TAGGED black, blacksmoke, showingblackcats, showgrooming, maintaincoatcolor IN Grooming

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I have what looks like a seal pointed chocolate tabby with blue eyes. Could there be Siamese in there somewhere?

She does not have the classic pointed face. She is a rescue, so we have no idea of background. One of her kittens is blue with what looks like ghost…

ASKED BY Member 1248438 on 6/22/15
TAGGED color, breed IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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What color would my kitens be if my male cream colored persian mated with my female chocolate point himalayan?

I don't know if my male Persian a color point carrier so can you pls tell me twhat color the kittens will be if he is a CPC and if he is not a cpc

ASKED BY Member 1244111 on 3/22/15
TAGGED colorofkittens IN Other Kittens

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What is the process of kitten eye color changes?

Ok so I hi guys! I'm new and have just adopted a kitten that is now between 8-10 weeks old. He weighs 2 lbs. Anyways, when I got him they said he…

ASKED BY Member 1242436 on 2/15/15
TAGGED kittens, kittenseyes, dichroniceyes, dichronic, dichronicirises, heterochromia, eyechanges, eyecolors, eyecolorchange, colorchange, kittenseyesblue, blueeyes IN Other Kittens


Does anyone have any speculation on what my cats breed might be?

She has white fur all over her body except her raccoon tail, and colors on her face and ears. She has no undercoat so her fur is silky smooth. And…

ASKED BY Nikita on 10/16/14
TAGGED breed, type, color, furry, kitten, meow IN Breeds

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Is my cat's odd eye color a potential health problem?

The other day I found a stray cat who is a black and brown striped male. He is very friendly, but we are worried if he has health problems. We found…

ASKED BY Member 1228686 on 6/14/14
TAGGED eyecolor, eyes, odd, help IN Health & Wellness

Olive (Ollie)

Why did my cat poop outside of her litter box and why is it discolored?

Today my cat pooped outside of her litter box and the poop was yellower than normal. I've had her for about a week and a half now and she seems to be…

ASKED BY Olive (Ollie) on 3/20/14
TAGGED litterbox, poop, discolored, newcat IN Other Behavior & Training


What color would you call this?

Millie was a rescue kitty. Dad found her at the paper-mill... Her mom was a tortoiseshell (black/brown/orange) and her dad was a Siamese. (They were…

ASKED BY Millie on 1/3/14
TAGGED color, cream, harlequin, tortoiseshell IN Breeds

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