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My cat pees on the clothes on the floor. I may have to get rid of her, but what else can I do?

She pees on clothes that have been left out and used. She paws at them and then makes her mark. She also peed on my old bathroom rug. At first I…

ASKED BY Member 1085045 on 1/16/12
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I want to spray my clothing with Permethrin for a trip. How long is it toxic to cats once it has dried?

I am going to Alaska in August and September where mosquitoes are in abundance. I plan to spray my clothing with Permethrin. Is it still toxic to…

ASKED BY Member 290029 on 7/20/09
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Fixed, healthy female cat urinating on cloth only!!! Why?

We adopted a little 6 months old kitten 2 years ago. She was so sadly, very abused, near death. She has 2 brothers. She is such a skiddish, scared…

ASKED BY Gemini Mariposa on 8/15/08
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