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One of my cat's claws are blackish red. I think it might be dried blood from a tear. What should I do?

It seems as if a part of the claw has crusted over. I have tried cleaning it a little with water, and it did not help much, although it wiped some…

ASKED BY Member 1220117 2 weeks, 1 day ago
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My cat is nice around my feet but will claw my hands (8 months)?

My cat is 8 months and I've raised her from a kitten to where she is now. Very loving cat but I can never be around her because of an odd issue I have…

ASKED BY Member 1209009 on 1/11/14
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blue bear

Blue bear and his litterbox problem?

my cat blue has a litterbox problem. he goes to the litterbox, but he won't squat.. he just stands and pee goes everywhere. he has never been the best…

ASKED BY blue bear on 10/27/13
TAGGED litterbox, confusion, declawed, neutored, multiplecats IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Is declawing bad for cats?

Does declawing casue severe injury? After listening to this I am not sure…

ASKED BY Member 1157390 on 9/28/13
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Why are my cat's claws all splintered?

All of his front claws on both sides are splintered to pieces. He doesn't like me touching his back legs (ever, under any circumstances) so I can't…

ASKED BY Member 1171605 on 5/23/13
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If you found a kitten in your back yard is it okay to hold with your hands if it look healthy?

Like if it was alone but being street kitten will it carry disease, or rabbies or vaccine in its claws or bite infection

ASKED BY Rex on 3/27/13
TAGGED clawsteeth IN Other Health & Wellness

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