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My cat was hit by a car,hasnt been drinking water,the vet said he needs electrolytes,can i feed him plain chicken broth?

he was hit by the front bumper of a car on 2/27/13 once hit by the car he ran off while the right wheel ran over his tail and mustve popped it out…

ASKED BY Member 1157566 on 3/1/13
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Cat won't poop. Should we give her chicken or canned wet food?

So my cat won't poop and she hasn't for a while. I think we should try feeding her some boiled chicken. My husband says NO that canned wet food is…

ASKED BY Member 1153765 on 2/5/13
TAGGED chicken, cannedfood, wetfood, hydrating, nopoop, sick, help, advice IN Health & Wellness

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Back biting. Flea meds have been applied. What could be the cause of this affliction?

My cat, Harry, is over 5 years old. He keeps biting a patch of his lower back and has chewed all of the hair off. He has had his flea treatments and…

ASKED BY Member 1053581 on 9/7/11
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I have just rescued a new kitten and he a upper respitory infection but will not eat, only drink water, any suggestions?

He had antibiotics for the URI and ointment for the infection in his eye, but he just will not eat, i tried dry and wet food but he just walks away…

ASKED BY Member 825053 on 4/10/09
TAGGED chickenbroth, appetite IN Illness & Disease

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What can I do to change my cats very bad behavior?

My cat is a 2 year old tortoise shell, adopted from a shelter about a year ago. She constantly jumps onto the counter and table, and tries to get into…

ASKED BY Member 784000 on 12/27/08
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Help with kitty food allergies?

So I know I've been asking a lot of digestive health question, and everyone has been so helpful, I can't thank you all enough. I just talked to Phil's…

ASKED BY Philbert on 6/3/08
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